Equipment for lab scale and pilot scale testing

We supply units according to the specifications of our clients. The construction of the test units is based on a modular construction. Our clients are all over the world.


  • Lab Test Unit, type LTU-xxx
  • Pilot Test Unit, type PTU-xxx
  • Pervaporation Production Plant, type PPP-xxx

The hardware for test units is manufactured in co-operation with Official Process Equipment Manufacturers.

In most cases the design is based on experimental work. Pervatech can carry out tests, either in our laboratory or on-site with model solutions and with real life feed stock.

We have a standard testing system available, which can be used on site as well.

Test Protocol


LTU type
Lab Test Unit (atm. Pressure, 90 °C, including 1-tube module)
Suitable for testing with one single tube module type PVM035 and 4-tube module type PVM043

Consisting of:
Frame, tank (1liter), piping, appendages
Centrifugal turbine pump, magnet driven
Heating for feed tank, SS or glassware
Electrical control cabinet

PTU type
Pilot Test Unit (150 °C, 15 bar, including 1-tube module)
Suitable for operation with modules of type PVM035, PVM043 and PVM045
Consisting of:
Centrifugal turbine pump, SS, magnet driven
Frame, tank (5 liters), piping, appendages
Frequency control for turbine pump
Vacuum pump Leybold
Heating for feed tank 150 °C, with control
Electrical control cabinet

PPP type
Pervaporation Production Plant
Upon request

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